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Company History

 Foreign Worker Employment Agency Ki Perumal Corporation Co.,LTD?

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In 2003

Kalai International was founded in 2003 by Mr Machakalai Perumal. The company was the first to import MOU workers of Cambodian nationality into Thailand. These workers were employed at Safe Skin Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a company under the Kimberly-Clark (Thailand) group in 2003. Afterwards, the company began importing MOU workers from Myanmar.

In 2008

The company’s name was changed to Ki Perumal Corporation Co., Ltd. in 2008.

KI foreigner_1+-01-01_edited.png

At Present

KI Perumal Corporation Co., Ltd., an importer of foreign workers into Thailand, has been in the business of foreign worker provision for leading companies all over the country for more than 18 years. (The company’s registration name was legally changed according to the regulations of the Department of Employment. Its founding capital is 5 million baht.)

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